2019 Tax Season Sanity Workshops

Break up the monotony of tax season ‚Äď step out of the grind for a few minutes, and recharge.¬†

Improve efficiencies, reduce stress, and begin to drive revenue year-round by using tax season to generate new engagements. Each workshop provides action steps you can implement now to increase your bottom line and reduce inefficiencies. Join other Network members from around the country for brief discussion, problem solving, and support.

Each Session: 
  • 20 minutes in length ‚Äď 10 minutes material, 10 minutes peer discussion
  • Developed from Network member strategies
  • No additional charge for current Network members and their teams
Topics and schedule for the 2019 Tax Season are as follows:

7 Minute Coaching during Tax Season - We may not have the time to solve clients' issues during tax season, but we can use this time of the year to set the stage for expanding into other engagements throughout the rest of the year.  Here, we discuss how to take an additional 5-10 minutes with a client to redefine our roles to that of navigators, determine which clients need more help, and tee up consulting and coaching work that can start in May.

Dates / Times:

Wednesday, Feb. 20:  12PM Eastern

Thursday, Feb. 28:  3PM Eastern

Thursday, March 14:  3PM Eastern

Tuesday, March 26:  10AM Eastern


Time and Team Management during Tax Season - Tax season will always be chaotic, but we can reduce the chaos and bring about a sense of order by implementing protocols that keep us protected from interruptions and keep our teams working efficiently.  All of these strategies are customizable and can vary based on how we are wired individually and how we have structured our practices.

Dates / Times:

Friday, Feb. 22:  1PM Eastern

Wednesday, March 6:  12PM Eastern

Tuesday, March 12:  10AM Eastern

Friday, March 22:  1PM Eastern


Maintaining Health during Tax Season - In regards to our health, it's easy to fall into a downward spiral during tax season.  We are get fewer hours of sleep, may not have time to eat well, and often find ourselves running off of adrenaline alone.  This can affect ours and our team's accuracy, motivation, and resilience, among other dynamics.  We will discuss some measures we can take that stem from several core pillars of health - rest, food, and exercise.

Dates / Times:

Tuesday, Feb. 26:  12PM Eastern* (previously set at 10AM)

Friday, March 8:  2PM Eastern

Wednesday, March 20:  12PM Eastern

Thursday, March 28:  3PM Eastern


1) Choose any dates that you'd like to attend.

2) A few minutes before the start of each session:

Workbook downloads:

7 Minute Coaching During Tax Season

Time and Team Management during Tax Season

Maintaining Health During Tax Season