“I have been a member of the network for about 9 months now.  My interactions with other members have led me to begin the transformation of my own practice.  Traditionally, I had more of a transactional relationship with clients.  Now, I am starting to provide the leadership and guidance that my clients expect, but that I had not recognized previously.  I believe that these changes will completely transform my practice, and therefore, my life.”
                -Kevin Roberts CPA, Louisville, KY

Regional Meetings

CPAPlus Network Regional Meetings are quarterly, half-day meetings in specific cities around the nation, giving members a chance to discuss issues and challenges with each other locally.  Generally, 4-5 topics are covered, ranging from practice management to advanced coaching methodologies.  Dress code is casual.


Virtual Regional Meetings!

CPAPlus Network will be holding a series of “Virtual Regional Meetings” over the course of the next two months leading up to tax season.  These live, interactive roundtables will run two hours, covering two separate topics around network members and specialists.  CPE will be available for all meetings, and these are open to all members of CPAPlus Network.

Topics and dates are broken down into 2 series during the month of December.

The first series topics and dates are as follows:

  • Helping Clients Deal with Grief and Loss – Due to many circumstances in life, the holiday season can bring out the highs and lows in all of us.  When clients are suffering from grief and loss—whether it be in life, business, career, etc—what can we do to help them?  These emotional states cannot be addressed through numbers and information.  In fact, by avoiding the client’s difficult issues and “sticking to the numbers,” we can create the perception that we don’t care, creating a divide between us and the client.  Benjamin Allen, an expert and author in helping others through times of grief and loss, will share with us how we can implement these techniques within our roles and responsibilities as CPAs. CPE: 1 hr, Personal Development
  • The Modern CPA Website – How should we really be using our websites?  Most practitioners tend to make one of two mistakes; they either buy a canned website that sits on the web doing nothing for them, or they get sold on an over-the-top website with unreasonable expectations.  Where is the balance?  It should be in a website that leverages you in areas of practice management, business development, and positioning you properly with clients and prospects—without costing much time or money.  Wendy St. Clair of CPA Gardens will join us to discuss these dynamics. CPE:  1hr, Communications & Marketing.

Wednesday, December 5th, 2PM-4PM Eastern

Thursday, December 13th, 11AM-1PM Eastern

Tuesday, December 18th, 12PM-2PM Eastern


The second series topics and dates are as follows:

  • Tax Season:  Choosing the Right Leadership Style for Clients and Team – Tax season tends to amplify the effects of how we lead our teams and clients—positively or negatively.  In order to get the most out of our practices, we need to be intentional on how we are leading others around us.  Ron Stiller, one of the founders of CPAPlus Network, has spoken nationally on the subject for decades.  He will be joining us to discuss different styles of emotional intelligence-based leadership, including where we typically get it wrong, and how to build resonance with our teams and clients.  CPE: 1hr, Personal Development.
  • Specialty Tax Services:  The Dos and Don’ts of Cost Segregation – When appropriate for a client, cost segregation can yield incredible tax benefits for clients, instantly turning the CPA into the hero.  The challenge with this strategy is that there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what it is and when it’s appropriate.  To make matters worse, there are countless salespeople, consultants, and even CPA practitioners who try to “sell” it.  Kim Lochridge and Heidi Henderson of Engineered Tax Services will join us to share the truth about these tax strategies, including what to look for and what to avoid.  CPE: 1hr, Communications and Marketing

Friday, December 14, 10AM-12PM Eastern

Wednesday, December 19, 12PM-2PM Eastern

Tuesday, January 8th, 2PM-4PM Eastern

The final series' topics and dates are as follows:

  • 7 Minute Coaching:  Tax Season - Clients are no longer looking to us for information; they’re looking for our guidance.  Tax season presents the best opportunity to redefine who we are to clients.  By spending only an additional 5-10 minutes with a client during a tax meeting, we can redefine ourselves as leaders, determine which clients are going to need more help, and begin to set the stage for expanded engagements and projects throughout the rest of the year.  We will discuss best practices and proprietary support tools that network members have used to accomplish this. CPE:  1 hr, Communication & Marketing
  •  Maintaining Health during Tax Season – Tax season takes a heavy toll on both our physical and emotional health, which ultimately affects the quality of our work, morale of our teams, and our ability to help clients.  We will be discussing some strategies in areas including but not limited to rest, hydration, exercise and recovery.  CPE: 1 hr, Personal Development

Friday, January 18th, 10AM-12PM Eastern

Wednesday, January 23rd, 12PM-2PM Eastern

To schedule for any meeting, simply e-mail Codelle.Phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com and specify which meetings you wish to attend.  Information and materials will be sent out prior to each meeting.  Another series will be announced shortly, which will include dates and times in January.


*It is CPAPlus Network policy that if a member is not satisfied with a network function that he or she has attended, a full refund or an additional credit may be granted, no questions asked.  For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Codelle Phillimore at 925-639-0152 or codelle.phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com.

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