Collaborative Cloud 

Each year, the industry’s hiring struggles continue to grow.  For us, that’s been a thing of the past.

As members, we are granted access to our secure cloud system where we can assist one another as a back office, regardless of geographic location.  For one party, this can eliminate the struggle of finding qualified seasonal or full time accounting and tax professionals, and the worry of whether or not capacity will be an issue for your firm.  For the other party, it’s a seamless way of picking up more work.

Many small CPA firms have become a revolving door for employees.  It’s difficult enough just to find  qualified candidates, and once you hire and train them, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around.  Your employee quit?  Back to square one. This cycle is one the main reasons a small firm never reaches its growth potential.

Outsourcing overseas has fallen out of favor as a hiring alternative.  It’s typically a costly endeavor, and struggles with work quality and communication are common.  And let’s face it; most clients aren’t exactly thrilled with the notion.

Instead of trying these tired methods, put yourself in a position where you can expand and leverage as much as you want.  Work with a vetted network member--someone you get to know, not a "mystery preparer" behind a server.  You know this person’s background, experience, personality and capacity.  You agree with one another on expectations beforehand.  And best of all, you only pay them when they’re actually working.

Capacity no longer needs to be an issue for you.


“Last tax season was the first one in which I prepared returns for another network member.  The fact that I could help others and generate revenue without leaving my office was spectacular.  The system was user friendly and secure, while communication between the other member and me was seamless—both of us always knew what was expected of the other.  I plan to expand to helping others as well, while continuing to grow my own practice.”
- Felecia Dixson, EA, Rolla, MO

*Please note that the CPAPlus Network Collaborative Cloud is not accessed through this page.  To learn more, contact the member resources team on the "Contact" tab, or click here.

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