"I really enjoy my membership with CPAPlus Network.  I've had an opportunity to meet like-minded CPAs all over the country while learning how to become a better CPA myself.  As a sole practitioner, I've learned that changing my practice is more of a marathon than a sprint to the finish line.  It's been well worth the effort."
--Zoe Haskins CPA, Oklahoma City


Unsure whether or not you'd fit in here? That depends on who you are and what your philosophies are toward your clients and practice. This network is certainly not for everyone, but we will always welcome those with a collaborative mentality and a drive to help their clients beyond the base-level core work.  Feel free to contact member resources with any questions.

Join CPAPlus  Network

Yearly Rate:

$288 per Year - Join Now

Monthly Rate:

$30 per Month - Join Now



Three Roundtable Webinars and one Regional Meeting per year.

Network Features

Member Access: 

Once you join the network, you will be able to access the ever-expanding knowledge and experience of our members on a range of topics; from simple questions to collaboration on client projects.

Roundtable Webinars:

Attend these topic-driven, yet discussion-oriented webinars to talk through your challenges and learn from others how they are transforming their practices successfully.

Additional webinars are available at $15 for a one hour session and $25 for a two hour session. CPE credits are available in qualified states for participating in Roundtable Webinars.  

Regional Meetings:

Take a few hours to step out of the box, meet other local members, and talk through common challenges while picking up inexpensive CPE credits. 

Additional Regional Meetings are available for primary firm members at $50 per meeting and $25 for each additional firm member. CPE credits are also available for attendance at Regional Meetings. 

Client Webinars:

Use these sessions to position you and your firm for expanded engagements and to deliver value to clients without having to spend much of your own time.

Member Forum:

Post questions and discussion topics to get feedback from other members and provide others with your own insight into different issues.

Collaborative Cloud: 

If you need qualified help in getting tax and accounting work done, plug into the collaborative cloud with another member.  Or, if you are looking to pick up more work, you can serve as another member's back office.

Proprietary Coaching Tools:

All CPAPlus Network programs and tools are considered shared resources for all of us.  Together, we are continuously constructing new deliverables and coaching tools to be used with client meetings and projects in order to help our clients and increase our value.  As a member, you will have access to all of these tools.

*It is CPAPlus Network policy that if a member is not satisfied with a network function that he or she has attended, a full refund or an additional credit may be granted, no questions asked.  For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Codelle Phillimore at 925-639-0152 or codelle.phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com.