“I have always held the view that my sincere and personal relationship with clients was more important than the services and work products I provided. However, I learned from other members that I have not gone far enough to provide my clients with the guidance they need to truly achieve their goals.  Now, I am beginning to create results for clients proactively, instead of reactively.  One client even told me she was about to cry knowing how I could help her.  My membership with the Network has greatly enhanced my professional and personal “tool box,” and I am relieved, humbled and energized with this new direction.”
                                    -Eddie List, CPA, Seminole, FL

The CPAPlus  Network Solution

Meet today’s challenges by building value through leadership and a  coaching-centric approach to clients.

How do we overcome the issue of commoditization? First, there is no value-added service that can do this on its own. Even tax planning is considered baseline nowadays. The only solution is to redefine the role of the CPA itself.

We learn from one another how put ourselves at the center of our client's businesses and lives by combining unique coaching and consulting services with current compliance and write-up work. The result? Clients become dependent on us, looking to us for everything. Our engagements--and in turn, revenue--expand simultaneously.  We thrive.

As members of CPAPlus Network, we fine-tune these practices through access to webinar roundtables, practice development sessions, powerful business coaching tools and other exclusive programs.

Learn from other members effective ways to help clients beyond the core work--and actually get paid for it.

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