Individual PSA Tools

We are constantly collaborating with one another to develop new tools and deliverables to assist with client meetings.  Keep in mind, however, that there is never any value in any deliverable on it's own--it's simply paper and information.  The real value comes through the process of dialogue and giving guidance; the tools are simply used as support.

Quick Assessment Sheet – This is a customizable support tool that can be used during client tax meetings to drive conversations beyond the core work and into areas of the client's life and/or business.  When used within a 7-minute coaching approach, you can position for expanded engagements after tax season.  Attend Professional Service Agreements Sessions 1 and 2 to learn how others make this effective in creating and tracking client followups.

Client Discovery Sheet - This support tool was the result of network members sharing with one another the types of conversations that lead them into formalized consulting, coaching, and PSAs. In order to emotionally engage clients, we must be able to connect our work and guidance to their lives and businesses. Through proper positioning and dialogue, we can begin getting into conversations that actually matter to clients.  Attend Professional Service Agreements Sessions 1 and 2 to learn how others have made this effective.

Client Follow-up Tracking Tool - This is an Excel-based, organization tool designed by network members to help keep track of client follow-ups throughout and after tax season.  This is especially important when implementing a 7 minute coaching process to establish year-round revenue.  Attend Professional Service Agreements Session 2 to learn more.

Annual Client Review Tool – This Excel-based tool helps you to take a client through an in-depth look at their overall financial picture, while continuously tracking action plans and progress. This process trains the client to seek CPA oversight for all decisions that affect them financially, positioning the CPA at the center of all professional relationships.  Attend Professional Service Agreements Sessions 1 and 2 to gain an understanding of how this tool is utilized.

Directional Summary – This support tool is used to formulate (and refine) PSAs for clients by combining expanded CPA oversight, lifestyle objectives, and coaching themes.  This is not to be used as a deliverable, but rather a guide for the CPA.

LifeTracPLUS™ – Helps people develop a comprehensive business management plan for their lives, focusing on three main areas: Health, Finance and Family.

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