Business PSA Tools

Succession Planning – Learn how to integrate advanced succession planning into client engagements long before the actual sale or transition takes place. 

Advanced Business Tax Planning – Learn how to integrate formalized tax planning into business engagements using Tax Coach Software™.

Business Cost Recovery Analysis – Helps you determine how you can help businesses save on anything from cost segregation and energy tax deductions to waste collection and workers compensation premiums. This analysis will help to position you as the lifeline for anything affecting their businesses.

Risk Management for Small Business – Allows you to help clients capture major opportunities or soften the blow of unforeseen adverse events, through constant, proactive planning.

Marketing and Sales Systems – Learn how to help clients make the most of marketing dollars and increase revenue through a proprietary sales system.

Operations and Management Systems – Help your clients improve their in-house systems and teams, leading to more profitable businesses and lifelong clients.

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