Coaching Tools and Deliverables

When it comes to adding value and decommoditizing your practice, the best strategy is to develop coaching-centric methodologies to compliment your core services. The right tools and deliverables can be imperative to developing good client engagements. Through the collaboration many of us within the network, we are constantly developing proprietary tools that we can all use to expand client engagements.  All of these tools, like anything we do, become shared resources for everyone.

A coaching-centric approach is natural for the accounting professional. Clients are looking for more than just information and game plans; they are also looking for leadership and guidance from their CPAs. The proprietary tools help to redefine the CPA's role from simply tax professional to that of a leading resource, increasing client loyalty and generating more revenue.

In the Network, we refer to these engagements as Professional Service Agreements (PSAs). When positioned correctly, these PSAs are the best way to formalize any consulting and coaching services clients may need.