Welcome to CPAPlus  Network

CPAPlus Network is a national, non-profit, peer-to-peer network of small CPA firms, formed to exchange best practices specific to our challenges and culture. Through the collective expertise and experiences of firms from across the country, we are effectively overcoming specific challenges many of us face.

The Network was created by CPAs for CPAs as a resource for improving efficiencies and increasing revenue. By sharing best practices through various methodologies, we have been able to produce effective systems without the high cost of traditional peer groups.

2016 Regional Meetings

The third and final round of regional meetings prior to tax season 2017 has been posted below.  To schedule for a meeting, please visit the  Regional Meeting page  and click on the blue link toward the bottom to locate the meeting you wish to attend.

All regional meetings run from 9AM-3PM local time.  Dress code is casual.

Round 3:

Turning Tax Clients into Year-Round Clients - This discussion revolves around how to take an additional 5-10 minutes during client tax meetings to drive higher-level consulting and coaching‚ÄĒand in turn, revenue‚ÄĒthroughout the rest of the year.¬† This includes the review of several new support tools developed collaboratively by CPAPlus Network members.

Tax Season:  From Chaos to Control - Most CPA firm owners find themselves in pure survival mode during tax season; their days revolve around putting out fires while staring at stacks of work, wondering how everything is going to get done.  While tax season will always be hectic, there are concrete measures we can take to provide a sense of control and predictability.  This includes altering our work flow structure, retraining clients, developing our teams, and how we determine who does what, and when.

Specialty Tax Services for Business Clients - This discussion will cover how several often-overlooked tax strategies that can create significant tax savings for business clients, including cost segregation, R&D tax credits, and energy credits.  Julio Gonzales, CEO of Engineered Tax Services, and his team will discuss what to look for and how to implement these services.

Open Round Table - Discuss with your peers any challenges, best practices, or questions heading into tax season 2017.

St. Louis - Tuesday, 11/1

Chicago - Wednesday, 11/2

Cincinnati - Thursday, 11/3

Atlanta - Wednesday, 11/16

Tampa - Thursday, 11/17

Pittsburgh - Tuesday, 12/6

Philadelphia - Wednesday, 12/7

Greenwich, CT - Thursday, 12/8

Denver - Tuesday, 12/13

Dallas - Wednesday, 12/14

Raleigh - Thursday, 1/12

Lake Tahoe - Friday, 1/13

San Diego - Wednesday, 1/18

Phoenix - Thursday, 1/19

Las Vegas - Friday, 1/20

*It is CPAPlus Network policy that if a member is not satisfied with a network function that he or she has attended, a full refund or an additional credit may be granted, no questions asked.  For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Janette Phillimore at 925-917-0752 or janette.phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com.