"I have seen many CPA networks that offer ways to grow your practice; however, CPAPlus Network is the only place where I've found truly innovative methods for working with my clients and employees."
--Gary Brand CPA, Savannah, GA

Welcome to CPAPlus  Network

CPAPlus Network is a national peer-to-peer network of small CPA firms, formed to exchange best practices specific to our challenges and culture. Through the collective expertise and experiences of firms from across the country, we are effectively overcoming specific challenges many of us face.

The Network was created by CPAs for CPAs as a resource for improving efficiencies and increasing revenue. By sharing best practices and pooling our experience, we have been able to produce effective systems and tools without the high cost of traditional peer groups.


2017 Regional Meetings - Round 3!

Dates, locations and topics have been set for the final round of 2017 regional meetings.  Each meeting will run from 9AM-3PM local time, and consist of the following topics:

Implementing Financial Coaching with Clients (2 hrs) – This session will outline how to incorporate financial coaching with clients—a responsibility of today’s CPA—by using a proprietary CPAPlus Network tool, the Financial Summary.

Practice Management:  Minimizing the Strain of Tax Season (1 hr) – How can we bring a sense of control to tax season?  From serving as back offices for one another for core work when needed, to building our practices around ourselves and our respective focuses, learn how network members are redefining the very nature of tax season for themselves and one another.

Helping Clients Face Grief and Loss (1 hr) – As navigators for clients, we often work alongside clients who are dealing with great loss.  Is there a way that we can support them without overstepping our bounds?  Benjamin Allen, an expert and published author on the subject, joins us to discuss the nature of loss, and how we can support our clients during these times.

Open Roundtable (1 hr) – Discuss with your peers any challenges or successes you have experienced recently as we all head into tax season.


Schedule (all meetings run 9AM-3PM)

Tuesday, Dec. 12 – St. Louis

Wednesday, Dec. 13 – Cincinnati

Thursday, Dec. 14 – Chicago

Tuesday, Dec. 19 – Atlanta

Tuesday, Jan. 9 – Pittsburgh

Wednesday, Jan. 10 – Greenwich

Tuesday, Jan. 16 – Philadelphia

Wednesday, Jan 17 – Denver

Thursday, Jan 18 – San Diego

Tuesday, Jan 23 – Houston

Wednesday, Jan 24 – Tampa

Wednesday, Jan 24 - Salt Lake City

Thursday, Jan 25 - Raleigh

To schedule for a meeting, please contact Janette Phillimore at janette.phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com, or 925-917-0752


*It is CPAPlus Network policy that if a member is not satisfied with a network function that he or she has attended, a full refund or an additional credit may be granted, no questions asked.  For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact Janette Phillimore at 925-917-0752 or janette.phillimore@cpaplusnetwork.com.