"I have seen many CPA networks that offer ways to grow your practice; however, CPAPlus Network is the only place where I've found truly innovative methods for working with my clients and employees."
--Gary Brand CPA, Savannah, GA

Welcome to CPAPlus  Network

CPAPlus Network is a national peer-to-peer network of small CPA firms, formed to exchange best practices specific to our challenges and culture. Through the collective expertise and experiences of firms from across the country, we are effectively overcoming specific challenges many of us face.

The Network was created by CPAs for CPAs as a resource for improving efficiencies and increasing revenue. By sharing best practices and pooling our experience, we have been able to produce effective systems and tools without the high cost of traditional peer groups.

Unlike most programs in our industry, CPAPlus Network is not a packaged system or process being spearheaded and sold by an industry "guru."  Instead, all of our ever-evolving tools, strategies, etc, come from all of us, and are therefore customizable and adaptable for any small practice and its respective culture.  We are a true peer network.


New Website Coming Soon!

CPAPlus Network will be launching its new website within the next few weeks, including new interactive forums, online groups, directories, new round tables, labs, and more!




Leadership Opportunity Open Offices

Due to the nature of what our country is currently experiencing with the coronavirus and its effects, CPAPlus Network is shifting the format of the recently announced Tax Season Sanity Workshops.  Everyone is fielding incoming calls from clients related to the coronavirus, up and down markets, and the economy.  As a result, a significant leadership opportunity is available for those within the tax and accounting industry.  Clients already look to us for guidance on nearly everything, and the incoming calls and requests for help are a reflection of that – now is the perfect opportunity to provide the kind of leadership people are seeking in today’s crisis.

In lieu of Tax Season Sanity workshops, the network will be holding new Leadership Opportunity Open Offices available for anyone within the network, where we can come together to discuss how to appropriately lead clients through all of this.  Anyone can call into any of these virtual meetings and learn what other members are doing successfully while sharing their own insights.  Topics will include:

  • Coronavirus / Health Concerns:  What to do, what not to do.
  • How to run a remote practice
  • Handling client questions about the economy and/or markets
  • Tax season efficiencies considering current events

The open offices will occur Monday through Fridays at 3PM Eastern and can last up to a half hour.

  To sign in:

1)      Call 412-525-7073

2)      Optional - Click the following link: www.uberconference.com/cpaplus

  1. If using this link, please click the option to “join by phone” then select “join to view screen share”